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Are you planning to sell a LOT of alpaca products this fall?
Our Wholesale Alpaca Products are Made for YOU!


New "OutdoorAdventure" and "SlipperBootie" Wholesale Alpaca Socks!

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Wholesale Alpaca Socks Made in the USA!

Our new wholesale alpaca sock choices are the "OutdoorAdventure" and "SlipperBootie" socks. These are similar to the our very successful Superwarm socks, using the same high quality alpaca yarn blend. However, they feature a less bulky size, to fit into normal footwear.

The socks feel amazing!

Choice SlipperBootie

The SlipperBootie socks are fitted in the middle and upper with reinforced heals and toes. A most comfortable sock for around the house or in shoes.

Choice OutdoorAdventure - Black

Choice OutdoorAdventure - Cocoa

Choice OutdoorAdventure - Grey

The OutdoorAdventure socks are fitted in the middle and upper with reinforced heals and toes. They fit calf high or knee-hi with a comfortable yet not restrictive fit. Perfect alpaca solution to cold weather active fun.

The new socks are made from the same yarn used for the Superwarm Socks, described in more detail below. They share the amazing characteristics of that fiber and design. See below.

Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format


"Superwarm" Wholesale Alpaca Socks

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Made in the USA!

Have you asked, "What are the warmest socks ever?" These are it! Not only are they warmer than any other sock, they're COMFORTABLE, DURABLE, WASHABLE and made from....ALPACA!

Top selling popular Superwarm alpaca socks have arrived for the fall 2013 season. Available at wholesale prices to qualified businesses and farm stores.

Colors: Cocoa Brown, Black, Medium Grey

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Made in the U.S.A. by a 100 yr old sock mill, our Superwarm socks are the perfect "Alpaca Ambassodors" of what the American alpaca industry is all about. Soft, comfortable and very toasty warm, these breathable terry socks are as unique as... well, alpacas!

Get these Super-popular unique socks for your store in time for fall visitors.

$14/pr wholesale. 16 pair minimum for wholesale pricing.

Free shipping with orders of 60 or more pairs.

We are so confident in our products we offer our return guarantee:

You can return any unsold items until April next year!

Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format

First time customers please send in a Resellers Certificate for wholesale pricing.


A New Idea in Footwear

Today many seek healthy, eco-friendly clothing alternatives to artificial synthetics. Alpaca stands alone as a naturally hypo-allergenic, pollution free and sustainable resource.

A great outdoor alpaca winter sock for work and fun, including:

  • Skiing / snowboarding
  • Hunting / fishing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Hiking / Camping
  • Construction / Fire / Police
  • Farmers / Ranchers
  • Motorcyclists / Mountain Bikers
  • Birkenstocks
  • Cold feet at home and in bed!
  • many other uses!

After years of selling alpaca products through retail channels, we have developed these new alpaca socks to specifically address key customer-requested features:

  • Naturally soft, luxurious, strong and warm alpaca sock
  • 50%+ Heavier construction than all competitors
  • Extreme warmth due to alpaca's hollow core fiber
  • Smooth hollow fiber = warmth and strength without itch
  • Alpaca is warm even when wet!
  • Soft cushion terry loop sock interior for cushioned comfort
  • Naturally breathable fiber wicks away sock moisture
  • Alpaca fiber naturally odor free
  • Machine washable and dryable sock (no shrinkage)
  • Strong durable sock construction for long lasting wear
  • Smart construction for support without constriction

We hope you will try these new socks and along with us, share the many benefits of alpaca to all.

More About the socks:

We have been selling alpaca products since 2002 and learned that a super warm, soft, strong, comfortable and MACHINE WASHABLE alpaca sock has been the most frequent customer requested item. Our socks are a blend of excellent quality alpaca (50%), nylon and acrylic to offer the best of warmth, durability, wash-ability and comfort. Why not more alpaca? Frankly, our tests show that alpaca is so powerful that only about 30% is needed for the warmth and softness we seek. More than 50% alpaca will tend to make the socks not only significantly more expensive, it makes them a little less wear resistant. Years of testing have resulted in the SUPERWARM blend that feels great, machine washes and lasts over time.

These Superwarm socks are the first in a line of alpaca footwear we hope to produce. They are made in the USA by a 100 year old hosiery company in Pennsylvania.

As an introductory promotion for the Superwarm socks we are offering customers who purchase 24 or more pairs a store display easel to draw attention to the socks and their special features and promotion on our wholesale website as a Choice Alpaca Footwear retailer

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are excited at the prospect of working with you to promote alpaca!

PacaBuddies - Soft Plush Alpaca Toy!

We have the new PacaBuddies alpaca toys for wholesale purchase. The perfect souvenier for farm visitors.

Wholesale: $9 each

Minimum wholesale order:

16 PacaBuddies: minimum wholesale order

24 PacaBuddies: Free listing on our Retailers page

60 PacaBuddies: Save with Free shipping!

Suggested Retail: $19.95 each.

Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format

Fluff Lovey
Midnight Jax
Cinnamon Sugar
Violet Christine

See Details (retail site listing)

Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format

First time customers please send in a Resellers Certificate for wholesale pricing.

Fun Wind Up Alpaca Toy

You love alpacas and it shows with this fun Wind Up Alpaca Toy! It even has an old school wind up key! You'll just have too much fun with this toy!

Measuring 7" high by 6" long. For children 3 and up.

You'll get all wound up with laughter watching this little alpaca run!

Minimum wholesale quantity: 12 at $9 each. Suggested retail: $19.95. Imported.
WindUps come in a cute box which "transforms" to a display case (with 6 toys per case).

Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format

First time customers please send in a Resellers Certificate for wholesale pricing.

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Hearty Luxurious Socks from Alpaca

We love the superwarm socks!
- Pam & Gary, Langley, WA

alpaca boot socks

The superwarm alpaca socks are the very best I have ever tried on. They are so comfortable with shoes on or off. If I had the talent I would of typed this e-mail with my TOES!! - Tim S., Vancouver, WA

Alpaca socks

I just wanted to tell you, I survived minus 35 degrees F (-35F) at the National Ice Core Lab! I wore your Superwarm Alpaca socks along with some thinsulate walled Columbia boots - and several additional layers on top!! I had some chemical toe-warmers in reserve, but didn't have to deploy them. I was so delighted.
-Lisa, Exploratorium Antarctic Project

Just wanted to let you know that my box arrived this morning, I think the Choice socks are wonderful AND the first pair sold within minutes! I'm sure I'll be ordering lots.

I am pleased with the Superwarm alpaca socks in my Birkenstock Milano sandals during cold morning walks.
-Bob B., Silver City, NM

Hello, I have just received my shipment of the Superwarm extreme alpaca socks and am very impressed. They are indeed the heaviest alpaca sock I have seen.
-Rob W., Nova Scotia, Canada

First, let me tell you that I'm wearing my new alpaca socks... and I haven't taken them off since I received them yesterda! These socks are AMAZING! It's like wearing socks, but not wearing socks. My feet are warm, but not sweaty. And the fibers are oh-so-soft!
-Jessica B., Greensboro, NC

Superwarm Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks - I can only say these socks made my husband's Christmas! He is so happy with them and keeps raving about how warm his feet finally are. They are soooo soft and the terry lining is great. I had ordered two pair but he's already asking for more. Thanks for a wonderful product!

I’m a hunter and have never come back warm like I did today after wearing the Superwarm socks!
-Jeremy M., Erie, PA

The more I look at these sock ( superwarm ) the more I am leaning toward gifting to my family for Christmas. I just wanted to let you know that I also wear my bootie slipper ALL the time. I am really happy with the socks I have ordered from you guys!
-Julie R., New Holstein, WI

Thank you Brian! I appreciate the service from Choice Alpaca Footwear!
-Susan C., Boulder, CO

You sent me OA socks to try out and I LOVE them! I have been wearing them in my work boots in 102 degree heat and
haven't over heated and my feet stay dry!!!
-Roger H., Denuba, CA

My order arrived today, and those PacaBuddies are the cutest things ever! Thanks for your prompt response.
-Claudia H., Baldwin City, KS


And many more...

We Hope to Add YOU
to This List!

Color and Size Options


  • Cocoa Brown
  • Black
  • Grey


  • Small size (fits small womens, large kids)
  • Medium size 9-11 (fits most women)
  • Large size 10-13 (fits most men)
  • X-Large size 13-15 (sz 12+ shoe)



Our Mission

At Choice Alpaca Footwear we see alpacas as a gift to be shared. Alpaca fiber brings a healthy, environmentally friendly alternative to the artificial and polluting clothing products which have saturated our lives.

Involved in the USA alpaca industry since 2001 as alpaca farmers, shearers and retailers. We love the industry and always endevour to promote is as many ways as we can.

Alpaca fiber is a sustainable product which is good for us all. Your purchase of alpaca clothing products supports thousands of small family farms which produce a natural, healthy product on small acreage.

We welcome your suggestions and are always open to new ideas, partnerships and activities which promote alpaca!

Purchasing Products

Choice Alpaca Footwear sells alpaca socks through retail stores, alpaca farm stores and online web stores.

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The minimum wholesale purchase is 16 pairs/items for each product.
(For WindUp toys the minimum is 12 items)

To place your wholesale order, use the forms below.

Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format

First time customers please send in a Resellers Certificate with your first order or we can mail you the form with your first order.

Existing customers can also just email us and we'll take it from there!


Choice Alpaca Socks

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